Rottweiler Females

( Monsoon Haus of Lazic  x  Quinny Haus of Lazic )

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Fiona's temperament to Germany‚Äôs breed standard is as impeccable as her conformational adherence to the breed standard. Fiona very tolerant and loving of people, especially children.  It's not just the Rottweilers in her pedigree that makes her special. It is other Rottweilers that have been produced from these lines. Lets go back in her pedigree to DT.VDH CH. Hero von der Toneberger Hohe, still to this day is one of the most bred Rottweilers in Germany producing over 300 puppies all over the world. A second dog that is very popular is INT. CH. Lennox haus of Lazic who is one of the best producing Rottweiler studs in Serbia. Fiona is currently bred to Dzomba von haus Drazic and is due to have Rottweiler puppies.

Sachin Rana ( 510 ) 612 - 4559                            

( Lennox Haus of Lazic  x  Amy Haus of Lazic )

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Corra came to our family in December 2016 with a confident attitude and ready to play ball immediatly. She loves people and espically children. She is a medium powerful female with an excellent Rottweiler female head, broad top skull, strong muzzle, and strong under jaw. She has dark brown eyes and a dark black mouth. She has amazing structure, short back, with good top and bottom lines, excellent chest , excellent front and rear angulation, excellent reach and drive, making her one of the best movers in the show ring. Corra will be bred in late 2017

( Tyson Ritter von Camelot  x Fila vom hause Milacic )

D.O.B    04.20.2016

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Asia is our newest Rottweiler female still in Serbia showing. If we look back at her pedigree you will see famous dogs named Merlin Flash Rouse and Gil von hause Milsped. Both Rottweilers in the lines have proven to make our breed better with heavy bone, excellent toplines, straight fronts, and surperb temperaments. We cant wait to get this amazing female Rottweiler here to show in the United States.